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October 31, 2009. Time&Experience. Leave a comment.

George Street, Bath

The location i chose for my time and experience brief is on a bench on George street, Bath. I took pictures of cars going past, and what was going around me at the time. From this I am going to look at light and long exposure pictures.

October 30, 2009. Time&Experience. Leave a comment.

Brief: Location

A diagnostic project to get everyone focussed on creative narratives.

Find a location and make a narrative using this location as the focal point. The final one minute film should evoke the feeling of being there at that time.

Capture and collect as much as you can from the exact location; write down your thoughts, record sounds, collect physical objects, take photographs or video, make sketches/drawings etc. Stand in one place to record and collect this – do not move!

Repeat this for two other locations, just in case the first one doesn’t work too well – try again.

Outcome: A one minute linear sequence; images, drawings, video, sound.

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Nick Veasey




I discovered Nick Veasey from a newspaper article last week, he mainly works with x-ray imaging. I think his work is brilliant.

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