Anamorphic Illusion Car Park

This shows how anamorphic is used to give the people directions while driving in this multistory car park. The words are only seen properly from a certain angle or perspective. From other angles the text may appear distorted and look like random blocks of colour.


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Anamorphosis Advertisement

This is an advertisement for paint, they have painted the car park floor as if the paint has fallen over and spilled everywhere. This is a good way to get peoples attention and get them to look at the billboard.

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Slim Fast Billboard

This is example of Perspective anamorphosis. When you look at this billboard from the front you’ll see a rather fat woman. Then when you see the same image to the side you’ll see the woman a lot thinner and holding a can of slim fast.

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Chop Cup

This is another example of anamorphosis. It is showing how you can be tricked into thinking something is real.

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Guinness Anamorphosis Coaster

Using the idea of mirror anamorphosis. When the coaster is placed, the Guinness’s slogan is unreadable. When the glass is placed on it, it is still unreadable. But when the beer is in the glass, you can read the slogan fine in the reflection of the glass.


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Anamorphosis is a distorted projection or view requiring the viewer to use special devices or move into a specific point to view the required image. “Ana – morphosis” comes from the Greek words meaning “formed again.”

Perspective and Mirror anamorphosis are the two main types of anamorphosis. Perspective anamorphosis dates back to the 15th Century, while Mirror anamorphosis occurred around the 17th Century.

Mirror anamorphosis (shown below) is when a conical or cylindrical mirror is placed on the drawing or painting to transform a flat distorted image into a three dimensional picture that can be viewed from many angles. The deformed image is painted on a plane surface surrounding the mirror. By looking into the mirror, the image is undeformed. During the 1600s and 1700s, this process of anamorphosis made it possible to diffuse erotic scenes and scenes of sorcery for a confidential public.

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My Invisible Desktop

This is my own version of the invisible desktop. I first started off with the objects on my desk, then with objects that where left around the house, as well as with myself on my bed, I think the one of myself works best as it feels the most realistic.

From using still images to create an invisible desktop, I decided to try it out with video. Although this was just an experiment, I think I could push this idea and come up with something pretty cool.

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Invisible Desktops

Just like trome l’oeil, these “invisible desktops” creates an illusion of reality. I think that they are a simple idea that has an effective outcome.

Invisible desktops works on phones and pocket computers as well.

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My Own Trompe L’Oeil Image

From the research into trompe l’oeil I was eager to see if I could make my own. I decided to draw a banana, i had to draw the image stretched upwards to give it an illusion of reality from a certain view.

Below is the banana drawing from above, as you can see it is stretched out so that when you view it from the certain angle it will look as though it is real.

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More Trompe L’Oeil Research

I found some really cool work in some books on trompe l’oeil today. They have inspired me to try my own versions. From here im still exploring rather than trying to get a final idea, so i am going to do some drawings and see what happens.

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